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Acting workshop with Theo von Bomhard, Cours Florent, France.

Having grown up in three different countries and undergone extensive drama training in the course of the past 20 years, Theo von Bomhard is a trilingual actor who has been taught with a wide range of different methods by a great variety of teachers.

He has assembled and assimilated a myriad of different and sometimes contradictory approaches to the art of Acting and now shares these not as a single, distilled method, but rather as a wild array of different tools to be used in different ways or at different times of the creative process.

As an individual actor, you will experiment with these tools, find out which work for you, be free to cast some away, adopt those you find useful, and thus build your own artistic "toolbox" from those which bring the best results for YOU.

In addition to numerous short courses and workshops, he attended Schauspielstudio Gmelin in Munich, graduated from Cours Florent in Paris and from Drama Studio London, as well as continuously learning from the Actors Studio's own teacher and coach Jack Waltzer since 2012.

He currently teaches Acting in English at Cours Florent in Paris, where he also works as an actor, coach, and director.

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